As a national news/media organisation, Snowriders Australia maintains a number of State and International ‘Branches’. The intent of the Branches is to foster local skiing & snowboarding COMMUNITIES and encourage discussion between community members.

Users are invited to submit content (images, videos, questions) for review.  All content submitted to the pages will be reviewed by moderators before being approved for publication.  We thank you for your understanding.  Access to the groups is granted under the following terms and conditions.


Western Australia South Australia
CoverImage_WA_Final_Jan18 CoverImage_SA_Final_Jan18
Victoria Tasmania
CoverImage_Vic_Final_Jan18.jpg CoverImage_TAS_Final_Jan18.jpg
New South Wales
CoverImage_NSWACT_Final_Jan18.jpg CoverImage_Qld_Final_Jan18.jpg


Japan  New Zealand
CoverImage_Japan.jpg CoverImage_NZ
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