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Buller: counting down to snow season 2019

There is a whole lot happening around Mt Buller this autumn and all eyes are on the new 6-seater chairlift which is steadily taking shape on Bourke Street.  The new lift is a Doppelmayr  6-seater detachable, which will move guests quickly out of the village to Baldy in just over 2 minutes.

In early April, the all-important bull wheel arrived in segments fresh from Europe and staff have been busy since then piecing it all together.  The team from Doppelmayr Australia have been working non-stop and the load and top stations are steadily taking shape.

This Sunday started early at Mt Buller with the first tower going up on Bourke Street before 8.30am!  The team are working full steam to get all the towers in position and you can watch it all taking shape LIVE on the webcam.

And take a look at the bottom loadstation for the new Bourke Street Express – the bull wheel is in and the structure is starting to take its final shape.  Next will be the works on the top station and Buller will share photos as that bullwheel is installed in the coming weeks.

5 reasons you should visit the Aussie snow fields this year

The Australian snow fields are undeniably unique.  Juxtaposed against the lush, green-colored plains of central Victoria and NSW, the white sails of Mt Feathertop and the Kosciuszko main range, are not scenes typically found on Australian postcards. Yet every winter, some 66,000 square km of the Aussie landscape is transformed beneath a thick, semi-permanent layer of snow and ice – a feature, which every year attracts 10s of thousands of people, whether first timers or serious snow sports fanatics.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s 5 more reasons you should visit the Aussie ski fields this year.

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