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Glen Plake: more than just a mo-hawk (Part II)

Glen Plake, along with his trademark mo-hawk, is arguably the most recognisable skiier on the planet.ย  But, as we found out, he is more than just a hairdo โ€“ far more; scratching beneath the mo-hawk, we found a man of substance, honesty and a man driven by a burning passion for his sport..

In part 2 of this 2 part series (recorded in September 2016), we caught up with Glen at his home in sunny Nevada where he was busy preparing for a 500 mile cycle endurance race, just one of many of his passions along with competitive water skiing and car racing.ย  He was also beginning preparations for an upcoming trip to Nepal, where for the last two seasons, he’s been training local porters in the art of skiing and ski rescue. We began by asking Glen about his Himalayan project, before moving on to other subjects including his take on helmets, and the extent to which snowboarding has saved skiing from becoming predictable and even boring.โ€ฆ for part 1 of this series, click here. Continue reading Glen Plake: more than just a mo-hawk (Part II)