Top 10 things West-Australian skiiers and boarders hear, say and do

Let’s face it being a skiier or boarder in Western Australia is tough… really tough.  We live in a city more famous for its beaches than snow, live at least 8 hours from the nearest resort and often hear comments like: “Really, you’re going snowboarding?  I’ve never even seen snow…does it even snow in Australia?”.  We count down the top 10 things WA based skiiers and boarders hear, say and do.  If we’ve missed any, please add your own in the comments section below.

Images:  all courtesy The Ski Physio Perth and the Ski Fit Network, unless otherwise stated.

No. 10. Girlfriend says “NO!, not another cold holiday; I’m sick of cold holidays. I want to go somewhere warm, with beaches”. *roll eyes*


Image: courtesy

No. 9: “Mainpeak is having a massive sale this weekend!” Very common.

No.8: “You should have been in Niseko in January; THAT was cold, minus 10”.  Your smug response when your work colleague complains about the Perth winter.


No.7: When your newbie mate is a skiing snob: ”Nah, I only ski in Japan now. The snow is SOOO much better in Japan”.

No.6: When packing for an overseas holiday: “20kg! Are you sure!”

No.5: “Are you training before we go”. “Yeah, I’m doing Jacob’s Ladder” A typical Perthite response.

No.4: “I’m so jet lagged”! Self explanatory.


No.3: “I’d love to be carbon neutral, but I’m doing Hotham in August and Whistler in February”. Responding to your hippie friend at work.

No.2: While at the beach: “This sand is so white – it reminds me of the last time I went snowboarding in Canada” *sigh*

No.1. “Really, where does it snow in Australia?” Your ignorant work colleague after you tell him/her your going east to ski.


Image: unknown





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