Brace yourself, it’s the Blizzard of Oz 2.0

It seems like only yesterday that we nervously awaited the season’s first big dump. Now, only a week or so later, we await another significant snowfall, leading some to brand the event #blizzardofoz2, snowmageddon or Heaven forbid #snowymcsnowfaceridesagain (ok so I made the last one up, but let’s hope she doesn’t think of it :-)).

Here’s a wrap of the predictions from three of best: Pete ‘the frog Taylor (Snowatch), the Grasshopper (Mountainwatch) and Jane Bunn:

Snowatch is going for conservative totals between 35 and 65 cm over the next 48 hrs.


Mountainwatch is calling for over 100 cm at the NSW resorts over 7 days (and we haven’t even mentioned NZ…wow).


Last but not least, Jane Bunn is calling for an even 100 cm over 6 days.


Good news however you look at it. Hope you are getting amongst it this weekend.

The Snowriders Team

P.S. Those that have been following us know we like our snowfalls statistics. Soooo, because we know you can’t enough, we are busy analysing the last 63 years of Spencer’s Creek snow fall data to find patterns in the ‘dumpage’. We’re testing a hypothesis.

We have a theory that the variability in the weather cause by C-change (because we hesitate to use the word in this post-Trump era) is contributing to more extreme, or unexpected snow events (some interspersed with significant rainfall events). We might be able to see the patterns in the Spencer’s Creek data. We’ll have a look-see and get back to you.

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