Snoga: It’s yoga for skiers

So you like yoga, but have you tried snoga? Snoga is the brainchild of Falls Creek local,  Janette Lawson, and it’s the latest craze to be sweeping the Aussie resorts.

To us, skiing and yoga are an unlikely pair. But speaking with Janette, we now understand this is a misconception: by definition yoga is the act of preparing the body for mediation, achieved by quietening the mind and focusing on one thing.  “Skiing is just that”, explains Lawson. “…It’s meditation in motion, particularly on advanced terrain, when really we are just focusing on the next turn”.

“Skiing is just like yoga”, explains Lawson.  “…It’s meditation in motion, particularly on advanced terrain, when really we are just focusing on the next turn”.

Lawson believes this is why guests feel just as rejuvenated from a snow holiday – despite the physical demands – as they do from a week spent by the pool in Bali. “True rest only comes when the mind is quiet. Mindfulness is found on the slopes and yoga is the perfect counterpoise to the physical strain placed on the body during a ski trip.”

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Snoga is hosted by instructors Jane and Janette, and run out of one of Falls Creek Resort’s most awarded lodges, Trackers Mountain Lodge.

Trackers Snoga Retreats are the perfect fusion of the best things in life; good food, new friends, skiing and the beautiful practice of yoga with stunning views of snow covered alps as your backdrop. Retreats are suitable for singles or couples. Non yoga partners and adult family members are welcome to stay without participating in yoga sessions if they wish.


Yin Retreat

Qualified instructors will take you through a slower paced retreat designed to nourish body and soul and to get your central nervous system purrrrrring. Yin Yoga is a slower modality of yoga where poses are held for longer so that connective tissue – the fascia – is gently stressed and hydrated.

Complete beginners to elite athletes and everyone in between benefit from practicing Yin.  Your day starts with a leisurely breakfast and then a 90 min Yin class, after that the day is your own to spend as you with before we reconvene for an evening yin class.


This is a more active retreat designed for the accomplished practitioner.  The day starts with a 90 min Vinyasa Class and we meet in the evening for a 60 min yin class to stretch and release after a day on the slopes.


This retreat is deeply restorative and suitable for beginner to advanced practitioners.

Hypnosis is best described as a deep state of relaxation.  In other words, a normal, natural, healthy state of mind. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind can be accessed and blocks that prevent us from living our optimal lives can be explored.

All attendees will have one on one time with the retreat facilitator to discuss individual concerns or goals so numbers are limited to 10 attendees Your day will start with a light breakfast then a gentle “Yin – Yang” session of 60 mins.  After breakfast the day is your own to do with as you wish; ski, snowboard, a long leisurely lunch or just relaxing fireside at the lodge.  We will reconvene late afternoon for a 45-60 min Restorative class performed with hypnotic induction.

All prices are based on twin share with same sex room share allocation.  Double and family rooms are available.

All retreats are $1250 twin share and $1750 single share.  All retreats include breakfast, dinners, afternoon teas, all day tea and coffee, one snow picnic or snow based activity and use of all lodge facilities.  Additional optional activities available for guests include snow mobile tours, skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing.

For more information and bookings go to


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