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A quick message from the SRA team

Snowriders Australia is run by a team of volunteers who share a common passion for the snow.

Recently we made the decision to remove the ‘Forum’ Facebook Groups from our website and Facebook Page. The decision is part of a rationalisation of our content following member and snow industry feedback.

The removal of the forums allows us to better concentrate on high quality content (including original articles) with intent to promote snowsports generally, particularly the Australian snow industry.

The forums will continue as separate entities under a new Facebook page not affiliated with Snowriders Australia.

As always, feel free to shoot us a message via our contact page.

The Snowriders Australia Team

Aussie resorts preparing for the dump of the season

Aussie resorts are today preparing for major snowfalls with well known forecasters, Weatherzone and the Frog, predicting maximum accumulations of between 33 and 40 cm across the resorts between Monday and Saturday.  Jane Bunn, another snow weather guru is predicting accumulations up to 50 cm! SHUT the FRONT DOOR!

The Frog is so excited he’s having tadpoles

This is welcome news for the Aussie resorts which have until today received only lackluster snow falls due to the presence of a so called MONSTER blocking high pressure system, which has been sitting over the mainland for much of the winter.

This weeks snow falls are good news for the resort’s snowmakers and groomers, who have this year pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat by pretty much artificially constructing winter, using only state-of-the-art snowmaking technology. Their efforts have led some industry pundits to say that “they’ve never seen such extensive covering, or the resort in such good nick, considering mother nature’s refusal to play ball”. Take a a few days off guys, you deserve it.

Even weatherzone is getting hot and humid under the collar

So rejoice and get out your fat skis and powder rigs.  Let’s hope that monster blocking high pressure system has left the building for good, allowing the typical winter pattern to return.

Cover image used with permission courtesy of Mt Hotham









A Japan ski holiday with kids need not be a nightmare: our top 10 tips

A ski holiday with kids needn’t be a nightmare. Guest reporter, Di McLean, recently visited Hokkaido, Japan with two small children aged 4 and 6. Here’s her top 10 tips for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday:

1. Its cold in Japan!! Take good quality clothing and accessories. This is absolutely essential for keeping out the cold and for ease of dressing in the morning. If the kids get cold on the slopes it’s game over for you and the kids.  Make sure their gloves are good quality and easy to work with.  The amount of times I had to put gloves on children….


2. Plan your luggage carefully. e.g. include a few snacks and a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage (in case of accidents), and make sure your snow gear (boots, jackets, gloves, beanies) is easily accessible for when you arrive. It is also helpful to have suitcases that can be rolled or ridden on by small children.

3. Allow lots of time to do everything and get anywhere.  Kids move at a glacial pace. Really! We took toboggans which were very useful for pulling kids around….It reduced our frustration and they loved the ride.


4. Slow down and appreciate your surroundings. We were itching to hit the slopes and get as much powder time as possible. The kids, however, were simply stoked to play in the snow.


5. Enroll the kids in lessons. The kid’s group lessons are fantastic, not too expensive and a great way to get some adult time together on the slopes.

6. Skiing is a good option for the kids rather than snowboarding. Whilst my husband and I snowboard, we hired ski gear for the kids, as we felt it would be easier for them to learn with less falls (and therefore less tears and whingeing). We didn’t bother with the ski poles – just another thing to carry.


7. Don’t go too far down the mountain in front of your kids. When they fall and refuse to get up, it can be a long walk back up.

8. Hot chocolates from vending machines. Self explanatory really.


9. Ramen. Enough said.


10. Take the kids and enjoy an onsen at the end of the day. With a few rules, e.g. don’t stare and don’t splash, the kids loved the independence and relaxation of the hot bath experience.



Hokkaido Tour 2016: Video Edit

Snowriders Western Australia spent 10 days in Hokkaido in February 2016. Here’s a quick edit showing the ‘captured’ highlights. We say ‘captured’, because there were plenty more than this…Hope you enjoy.


Music credits: D*Note, “Shed my Skin”; Alesso Feat, “Years [Radio Edit]” – both from Ministry of Sound Running Trax: Summer 2013.





Satire is not dead

Well at least snow satire isn’t anyway.

Yesterday’s post “Trump to ban snowboarding if he wins the US election” was clearly a fake.  It nevertheless caused an unprecedented outpouring of emotion; largely because people interpreted the headline literally. Yep, a good proportion of respondents actually took the article as fact.

That it caused such an emotional outpouring was great for the site, sure; but the ACTUAL intent was to spread some light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek humour about an otherwise very unfunny situation.  This wasn’t everyone’s take.

The article brought home a couple of things: (a) articles based on very little thought or research draw the biggest reaction and (b) a good proportion of the population will believe anything.  Perhaps we should write more satirical pieces.

So now we return to our usual role supplying you (hopefully) with relevant, useful information about the snow-sports industry, and its personalities.

For example, our interview with skiing legend Glen Plake is nearing completion and we hope to bring it you by the end of the month.  Otherwise we are busy working on two additional articles: one showcasing an alternative resort in Honshu, Japan, and another interview transcript; this time with up-and-coming Perth-based aerialist; the lovely Jayden Cooper.

Remember also that Snowriders WA followers are encouraged to submit their own articles for publication. We are particularly interested in receiving trip and/or product reviews along with a series of photographs and/or videos.

In the mean time and to douse the flames following yesterday’s satirical piece, we’ve included a photo of two gorgeous puppies in the snow. Because, who doesn’t love a puppy. Awww!

 Image courtesy of The Adventure Project, Chilean adventures.

Snowriders WA choose to stay at the Red Ski House, Niseko.




100 cm of the good stuff across the Aussie resorts: punters happy

With four of the five big resorts this morning reporting a snow-base close to or greater than 1 m, things are certainly looking up for the Aussie snowfields.  This is especially so given last weeks rain and flood events, which did significant damage to the existing snow-cover, and generally caused wide spread misery. However, painful memories were wiped away this week with Hotham, Thredbo and Perisher receiving 63, 93 and 90 cm, respectively and Falls Creek, 72 cm from this one storm cycle alone.  “It certainly has been up and down like a bride’s nighty”; said one very happy punter; “but now it’s just epic”. Continue reading 100 cm of the good stuff across the Aussie resorts: punters happy

The 2016 Aussie ski season is off to a great start: or is it?

About this time every year, people start getting really excited about amount of snow on the ground.  Automatically, excitement turns to speculation about what the season might do, where it might end, and how it compares to previous seasons – especially the ones that really delivered i.e. 1992 (316 cm); 1968 (307 cm); 1964 (355 cm) and most famously of all 1981 (361 cm).

With 71.5 cm on the ground at Spencer’s Creek (at the time of writing, though likely going up as we speak), 2016 is off to a pretty good start. But how good is it, and how does it compare? Continue reading The 2016 Aussie ski season is off to a great start: or is it?

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