Ski and snowboard tuning in Perth?

We were recently lucky enough to product test Perth’s latest ski and snowboard repair and tuning  service, Scubi and a Doo Ski.  Scubi and a Doo Ski, while not the most conventional name for a snowsports outlet, is one which sticks in your mind. Scubi and a Doo Ski, established in early 2015, is owned and operated by Richard and his Partner Joanne. Richard and Joanne are passionate skiiers and in the last 20 years  have been lucky enough to visit and work in a range of ski resorts, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  While Richard does all of his repairs in his well equipped studio at home, Richard is more than happy to receive your equipment at Balyage Hair Studio, Subiaco, which is also run by Richard and Joanne. Balyage is conveniently located in Subiaco in central Perth.

Richard is a strong advocate for regular tuning of ski and snowboard equipment.  ‘Waxing is important for multiple reasons’, says Richard.  ‘Waxing makes skis glide more smoothly through and across the snow. ‘Waxing also maintains the ‘health’ of your skis and snowboard’.  Ski bases absorb wax not just onto the surface but into the base, which keeps them from drying out. Just as your skin dries and becomes chalky and flaky, so too do your your ski bases. A base that gets too dry will develop a ‘furry’ ‘texture that makes it sticky and ‘grabby’ on the snow, making it harder to ski well.  

How can you tell if your skis need wax? Richard explains that the way to tell is to get a good visual feel for your bases. A freshly waxed ski will have a rich deep coloration. As wax dissipates, the colour will fade and become dull and chalky. If it looks dull instead of vibrant it is probably due for a wax (areas near the edge usually show this first). If it is pale and has a fuzzy texture, it is probably long overdue! 

We were certainly happy with the service we received on our equipment. The gouge down in the side of the ski is no longer apparent, the edges are sharp and the bases once again pristine.  Richard only uses high quality Swix products and is clearly a very good technician.  Give them a try and tell him we sent you!! Scubi and a Doo Ski can be contacted on 0431 753 766.Check out their website, Scubi and a Doo Ski

3 Replies to “Ski and snowboard tuning in Perth?”

  1. Hi guys, if you’re in need of repairs or a wax and tune I can help you out.

    Skis and snowboards, all hours.

    Call or text me on 0438 091 095



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