Massive snowfalls to hit Aussie resorts

After an already epic start to the season (see our previous report), this week will see another round of significant snowfalls in the Aussie hills.  After a bit of a wet start to the week (as the pre-frontal rain moves through), all models are now pointing to significant snowfalls to very low levels on Tuesday, with snow showers continuing through Wednesday.  Presently, Pete ‘the Frog’ Taylor at Snowatch is calling for 18 – 37 cm across the resorts, and the Grasshopper at  Mountainwatch is calling 41-51 cm in the Vic Resorts and 30-35 in the NSW resorts.

If the storm lives up to expectations, this latest round of snow should result in a near 1 m base across the Vic resorts, who have already accumulated between 39 ad 50 cm, and more in the NSW resorts, who this week reported a base of 77 cm (based on readings at the nearby Spencer’s Creek).

This spells good news for Aussie resorts who are already enjoying a very good start to the ski season (including the beginning of the school holidays).  For all our followers in Western Australia, remember that Snowriders members get automatic membership to the Mainpeak Club.  Visit Mainpeak in the City or Cottesloe for great deals on all the latest winter gear.  And tell ’em we sent you.






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