Satire is not dead

Well at least snow satire isn’t anyway.

Yesterday’s post “Trump to ban snowboarding if he wins the US election” was clearly a fake.  It nevertheless caused an unprecedented outpouring of emotion; largely because people interpreted the headline literally. Yep, a good proportion of respondents actually took the article as fact.

That it caused such an emotional outpouring was great for the site, sure; but the ACTUAL intent was to spread some light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek humour about an otherwise very unfunny situation.  This wasn’t everyone’s take.

The article brought home a couple of things: (a) articles based on very little thought or research draw the biggest reaction and (b) a good proportion of the population will believe anything.  Perhaps we should write more satirical pieces.

So now we return to our usual role supplying you (hopefully) with relevant, useful information about the snow-sports industry, and its personalities.

For example, our interview with skiing legend Glen Plake is nearing completion and we hope to bring it you by the end of the month.  Otherwise we are busy working on two additional articles: one showcasing an alternative resort in Honshu, Japan, and another interview transcript; this time with up-and-coming Perth-based aerialist; the lovely Jayden Cooper.

Remember also that Snowriders WA followers are encouraged to submit their own articles for publication. We are particularly interested in receiving trip and/or product reviews along with a series of photographs and/or videos.

In the mean time and to douse the flames following yesterday’s satirical piece, we’ve included a photo of two gorgeous puppies in the snow. Because, who doesn’t love a puppy. Awww!

 Image courtesy of The Adventure Project, Chilean adventures.

Snowriders WA choose to stay at the Red Ski House, Niseko.




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