Aussie resorts preparing for the dump of the season

Aussie resorts are today preparing for major snowfalls with well known forecasters, Weatherzone and the Frog, predicting maximum accumulations of between 33 and 40 cm across the resorts between Monday and Saturday.  Jane Bunn, another snow weather guru is predicting accumulations up to 50 cm! SHUT the FRONT DOOR!

The Frog is so excited he’s having tadpoles

This is welcome news for the Aussie resorts which have until today received only lackluster snow falls due to the presence of a so called MONSTER blocking high pressure system, which has been sitting over the mainland for much of the winter.

This weeks snow falls are good news for the resort’s snowmakers and groomers, who have this year pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat by pretty much artificially constructing winter, using only state-of-the-art snowmaking technology. Their efforts have led some industry pundits to say that “they’ve never seen such extensive covering, or the resort in such good nick, considering mother nature’s refusal to play ball”. Take a a few days off guys, you deserve it.

Even weatherzone is getting hot and humid under the collar

So rejoice and get out your fat skis and powder rigs.  Let’s hope that monster blocking high pressure system has left the building for good, allowing the typical winter pattern to return.

Cover image used with permission courtesy of Mt Hotham









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