Things are looking up in the mountains

Things are looking up just in time for the Weekend.

Perisher advises that today they have received 34cm of snow so far and it’s not stopping any time soon. Today and Saturday are forecasted to have the heaviest of snow falls with up to 40cm through today and up to 20cm Saturday.

The mountains are in for blizzard conditions with strong winds, cold temperatures and consistent heavy snowfalls.

Similar conditions are forecast to continue  into early next week. With up to 70cm of snow predicted to fall by Monday, the excitement is palpable.

Check out these images from Perisher today.

Perisher_JM_June 15, 2018_12

Perisher_AM_June 15, 2018

Perisher_JM_June 15, 2018_3

Perisher_JM_June 15, 2018_1


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