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Australia’s snow falls are declining

Australian snowfalls are declining – There’s little doubt about it. A few years ago now, Snowriders WA were lucky enough to acquire over 50 years of snow fall data for an area called Spencer’s Creek. Spencer’s Creek is located close to Charlotte’s Pass high in the Snowy Mountains in NSW. This data has been collected by the Snowy Mountain Hydroelectricity Commission since the early 1950’s. Snowriders WA have compiled these data for the purposes of depicting long term trends. Want to read more? Click here!

3 golden rules for predicting Aussie snowfall events

With all the snow and excitement of the last few days, we thought we’d offer a quick lesson on how to predict Aussie snow events using a few simple rules.

In our experience, the difficulty is not in predicting when it’s going to snow, but how much is going to fall.

At Snowriders WA we like to keep it simple. Unlike our cold blooded friends, Snowatch’s Pete ‘the Frog’ Taylor and Mountainwatch’s, ‘the Grasshopper’, we are no experts; but we have been around the mountains long enough to know the difference between a snow-bearing system and a non-snow-bearing system.  If you can handle a bit of G-rated science, we offer a few simple rules to get you started as an amateur snow forecaster. Continue reading 3 golden rules for predicting Aussie snowfall events

The 2016 Aussie ski season is off to a great start: or is it?

About this time every year, people start getting really excited about amount of snow on the ground.  Automatically, excitement turns to speculation about what the season might do, where it might end, and how it compares to previous seasons – especially the ones that really delivered i.e. 1992 (316 cm); 1968 (307 cm); 1964 (355 cm) and most famously of all 1981 (361 cm).

With 71.5 cm on the ground at Spencer’s Creek (at the time of writing, though likely going up as we speak), 2016 is off to a pretty good start. But how good is it, and how does it compare? Continue reading The 2016 Aussie ski season is off to a great start: or is it?

2015: worst start to the ski season ever?

Because we are over the media speculation about the status of the Australian snow season, we at Snowriders WA decided to take a closer look. Every year, normally around the June school holidays, we are subjected to media speculation about the present snow cover and the extent to which it translates into (a) the beginning of a bumper season or (b) the ‘worst’ start in years, decades, or living memory. Clearly this is no more scientific than the prediction made by ‘Chuck’, the Groundhog in the movie of the same name! Want to read more? Click here!