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5 reasons you should visit the Aussie snow fields this year

The Australian snow fields are undeniably unique.  Juxtaposed against the lush, green-colored plains of central Victoria and NSW, the white sails of Mt Feathertop and the Kosciuszko main range, are not scenes typically found on Australian postcards. Yet every winter, some 66,000 square km of the Aussie landscape is transformed beneath a thick, semi-permanent layer of snow and ice – a feature, which every year attracts 10s of thousands of people, whether first timers or serious snow sports fanatics.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s 5 more reasons you should visit the Aussie ski fields this year.

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An indoor ski facility for Perth?

Western Australia has the potential to join the ranks of the UAE and major Europe centers when it opens a new indoor ski center, according to developers.  Details about the new facility are scarce, but it is understood by Snowriders Western Australia that developers are looking for a 12 hectare site close to Perth with a slope at least 400 m in length.   The center which will augment Perth’s existing tourism attractions, is expected to be supported by Western Australia’s active population, a significant portion of which regularly travel east or overseas to ski/board, according to the website.


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Snowmaking: can it save us from climate change?

The bad news

With increasing attention on the effects of climate change, and more and more evidence of declining snowfalls, skiers and snowboarders are understandably nervous about the future of snow sports in Australia and abroad.  As kryptonite is to Superman, rising temperature is to the skiing industry.  Read more!