An indoor ski facility for Perth?

Western Australia has the potential to join the ranks of the UAE, China and major Europe centers when it opens a new indoor ski center, according to developers. Details about the new facility are scarce, but it is understood by Snowriders Australia that developers are looking for a 12 hectare site close to Perth with a slope at least 400 m in length. The center which will augment Perth’s existing tourism attractions, is expected to be supported by Western Australia’s active population, a significant portion of which regularly travel east or overseas to ski/board, according to the website.


Image: view up the slope from the proposed foyer (West Coast Snow Park)

Although unlikely to match the opulence of facilities such as Ski Dubai, West Coast Snow Park will apparently be innovative, funky and highly practical. Images on the website provide a tantalizing peak at the new facility which appears to consist of two slopes: a near-flat beginners area to the left, and a more significant 1 in 4 slope (25% gradient) to the right, complete with a terrain park. “The center is being designed to maximize the skiing and boarding experience for everyone from first-timers to fanatics”; say the developers.


Image: Snowplay area (West Coast Snow Park)


Image: Opulent Ski Dubai

However, despite commencing plans in 2005, its developers are yet to follow through with plans, citing issues with energy costs as the main barrier to commencement. In the latest update, published in December 2009, the facility has unfortunately been mothballed indefinitely, pending the development of affordable ‘green’ energy, with the developers ‘unable to predict when this will happen’. * everyone collectively cries*

WC Snowpark

Image: the West Coast Snow Park concept (West Coast Snow Park)

“Concerns over carbon emissions and energy consumption have put the development of an indoor refrigerated facility on hold, pending availability of viable green energy sources”; say the developers. “Rather than delay the entire project, the decision has been taken to modify the project to commence with a ‘Stage 1’ outdoor facility, using one of two possible synthetic surfaces”, they add further.

In an update provided in 2009, the developers of West Coast Snow Park advise that “more information will be provided soon”; however, nearly 10 years later, Snowriders Australia (and all our followers) are none the wiser and still gagging for news.

So PLEASE PLEASE oh kind developers of West Coast Snow Park – put us out of our misery and provide us with more news, as ALL our followers REALLY want to see this to succeed.


Image: Interior view showing the chairlift separating the beginner area from the more advanced slope (West Coast Snow Park)


Image: view from the cafe (West Coast Snow Park)

8 Replies to “An indoor ski facility for Perth?”

  1. I went to ski Dubai, AND I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH.
    I have been browsing Google for 2 hours and couldn’t find and nearby (or existing) and I think this will be a great project.
    Just, I don’t want to waste 500 bucks on a snowboard I will never use


  2. Any updates on this project.. how great would this be for Perth!!! It would be a dream come true for our family!!


  3. This would be a great development! Especially now that we are doomed to have our travel abilities forever limited by Covid. And a great investment and construction opportunity too.
    Come on WA, lets do it.


  4. A brilliant idea. We then will have snow at Christmastime too. Great for Christmas. Yes and perhaps some winter sports training could be carried out too.
    Santa & his reindeer coming in ! Let’s do this !


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