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Glen Plake: more than just a mo-hawk (Part II)

Glen Plake, along with his trademark mo-hawk, is arguably the most recognisable skiier on the planet.  But, as we found out, he is more than just a hairdo – far more; scratching beneath the mo-hawk, we found a man of substance, honesty and a man driven by a burning passion for his sport..

In part 2 of this 2 part series (recorded in September 2016), we caught up with Glen at his home in sunny Nevada where he was busy preparing for a 500 mile cycle endurance race, just one of many of his passions along with competitive water skiing and car racing.  He was also beginning preparations for an upcoming trip to Nepal, where for the last two seasons, he’s been training local porters in the art of skiing and ski rescue. We began by asking Glen about his Himalayan project, before moving on to other subjects including his take on helmets, and the extent to which snowboarding has saved skiing from becoming predictable and even boring.… for part 1 of this series, click here. Continue reading Glen Plake: more than just a mo-hawk (Part II)

Aussie alpine Frog on the brink of extinction

The corroboree frog

With contrasting black and yellow markings, the corroboree frog is an obvious and striking example of the beauty of Australian nature.  What isn’t obvious is that it shares with skiiers and boarders an unusual geographic overlap: we are both at home in the Australian alpine environment.  Because these frogs lie dormant beneath the winter snow and ice, there’s every chance you’ve been within meters of these iconic and beautiful animals, without even knowing it.   Continue reading Aussie alpine Frog on the brink of extinction

Jon Hutchins, Hotham CEO: on the challenges of operating a ski resort in the 21st Century

Hotham Alpine Resort, nestled in the Victorian highlands, is clearly an Australian favourite. Boosting average annual snow falls of 3 m, and some of the most challenging and picturesque terrain on offer anywhere, Hotham is an iconic destination for skiiers and boarders alike.

In this article, the latest in our 15 minute series, we caught up with Hotham CEO, Jon Hutchins, to get the low down on what’s happening at the resort, the challenges it faces, and most importantly, whether he and his staff are allowed to ski/board on powder days…..  Continue reading Jon Hutchins, Hotham CEO: on the challenges of operating a ski resort in the 21st Century

An indoor ski facility for Perth?

Western Australia has the potential to join the ranks of the UAE, China and major Europe centers when it opens a new indoor ski center, according to developers. Details about the new facility are scarce, but it is understood by Snowriders Australia that developers are looking for a 12 hectare site close to Perth with a slope at least 400 m in length. The center which will augment Perth’s existing tourism attractions, is expected to be supported by Western Australia’s active population, a significant portion of which regularly travel east or overseas to ski/board, according to the website.


Image: view up the slope from the proposed foyer (West Coast Snow Park)

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3 golden rules for predicting Aussie snowfall events

With all the snow and excitement of the last few days, we thought we’d offer a quick lesson on how to predict Aussie snow events using a few simple rules.

In our experience, the difficulty is not in predicting when it’s going to snow, but how much is going to fall.

At Snowriders WA we like to keep it simple. Unlike our cold blooded friends, Snowatch’s Pete ‘the Frog’ Taylor and Mountainwatch’s, ‘the Grasshopper’, we are no experts; but we have been around the mountains long enough to know the difference between a snow-bearing system and a non-snow-bearing system.  If you can handle a bit of G-rated science, we offer a few simple rules to get you started as an amateur snow forecaster. Continue reading 3 golden rules for predicting Aussie snowfall events

Gulmarg, India – in moving pictures

A trip to Gulmarg is an amazing and unforgettable experience. However, pulling the trigger and actually deciding to go is not an easy decision for many, especially since there isn’t a lot of information about Gulmarg.  As they say in the classics, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when the pictures are ‘moving’.  So, our friend, Matt Appleford, at The Adventure Project has kindly gather together some of the most interesting Gulmarg videos available online. Continue reading Gulmarg, India – in moving pictures

When skiing turns nasty: my $2K ambulance ride

Back in 2007, I was a hot skiier. Fresh off the back of a season (90 days straight skiing), I knew every bump, every crack and every obstacle on the mountain. I had one gear: fast.

Enter my cryptonite: first trip away with my new girlfriend (GF), combined with an excruciatingly painful afternoon on the bunny slope. There on the left of the bunny slope was a temptation too great for any mortal overly confident skiier, and completely irresistible to any man spending the afternoon on the bunny slope with his GF – yes, a terrain park – (a) it was a chance to show off and (b) it was a chance to momentarily end the boredom.

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