100 cm of the good stuff across the Aussie resorts: punters happy

With four of the five big resorts this morning reporting a snow-base close to or greater than 1 m, things are certainly looking up for the Aussie snowfields.  This is especially so given last weeks rain and flood events, which did significant damage to the existing snow-cover, and generally caused wide spread misery. However, painful memories were wiped away this week with Hotham, Thredbo and Perisher receiving 63, 93 and 90 cm, respectively and Falls Creek, 72 cm from this one storm cycle alone.  “It certainly has been up and down like a bride’s nighty”; said one very happy punter; “but now it’s just epic”.

Falls Creek

Image: Falls Creek

The “timing of ski trips this year has been very much a lottery”; said another long time snowboarder. “In Australia, your numbers either come up or they don’t – if they do, it’s hello POWDER, and if they don’t, it’s hello rain and hello beers at the pub”, which doesn’t sound too bad either way if you ask us….

With punters now well and truly happy again and ‘all time*’ conditions reported everywhere, punters are emerging from the pub and once again hitting the slopes…..and hitting it hard.  Check out these images courtesy the big five resorts (check out their Facebook pages).


Image: Hotham


Image: Buller


Image: Perisher


Image: Thredbo

* (‘all time’) – We note these terms being used everywhere at the moment, but like others, we have no idea what they mean…..but we’re cashing in anyway 🙂 If anyone can define this odd ‘turn of phrase’, please write to us here….



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