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Madarao Kogen: An untapped Tree-Skiing Powder Paradise

Skiing and snowboarding in Japan is the hottest winter sports ticket in the world at the moment, and why wouldn’t it be: it consistently records the lightest and driest snow on earth, and it falls in quantities that’ll make your head spin – every time! Continue reading Madarao Kogen: An untapped Tree-Skiing Powder Paradise

Review: Niseko – Japan

About Niseko

Niseko is located approximately 100 km south of Sapporo, a city of some 2 million people on the Island of Hokkaido. For a long time, Niseko has been the Japanese skiing destination of choice for Australians. Once making up close to 70% of Niseko’s clientele, it may surprise some to learn that the proportion of Australians is now closer to 35% given the now large seasonal influx of people from Europe (8%), North America (3%) and Asia (26%) (mainly Hong Kong, but increasingly Thailand!); Aussies still predominate however, and its difficult to go anywhere without hearing that familiar Aussie drawl… Want to read more? Click here!

Review: Tignes – France

By guest blogger Sam Mead.

Tignes (pronounced ‘teen’) is the second highest resort in Europe and forms one half of the gigantic Espace Killy ski area. The resort is actually split into five villages; Val Claret, Le Lac, Le Lavachet (some folks consider Lavachet part of Le Lac) Les Boisses, and Les Brevieres. The four villages sit at various altitudes between 2,300 m and 1,550 m around the bottom of a huge bowl.

Want to read more? Click here!

Review: Park City & Alta, USA

By our roving reporter,  Andrew Spittle

February 2016: Leaving the rest of the Snowriders WA team in Hokkaido, Japan (see review here), our roving reported, Andrew ‘Spitty’ Spittle, jumped on a plane and traveled due-east across the date-line to Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Located in western USA, the great state of Utah is defined by its vast expanses of desert and the Wasatch Range mountains. While Utah does have its fair share of desert terrain, and rocky outcrops, there is so much more going on in the busy “beehive” state, with a raft of outdoor adventure activities topping the list, including snow sports… fact Utah boosts 7 skiing areas and 14 resorts, some of which are exclusively for skiiers (no snowboarders allowed, as draconian as that sounds!!). Our intrepid reported Spitty provided the following account in his own words….. Want to read more? Click here!

Review: Par’s Powder Paradise, Hokkaido, Japan

Following our popular post, ‘CAT skiing at Iwanai, Hokkaido’, we are pleased to bring you a review of an alternative CAT skiing option, also based in Hokkaido.
CAT skiing is becoming increasingly popular in Hokkaido, especially in the Niseko area, where more and more people are looking for new and exciting adventures, free from the hustle and bustle of the main resort area. Par Powder Paradise (PPP) tours operates out of Niseko and has been in operation for 6 years. Unlike other CAT skiing operations, PPP don’t use tracked over-snow vehicles. Riders are instead towed up the hill behind a small snowmobile, with the skiiers and boarders trawling behind water ski style. Want to read more? Click here!

Review: Ski Dubai – UAE

Area Review:

Experiencing mid 40 degree temperatures is a strange kind of novelty in itself, but to experience such scorching temperatures with a set of skis on your shoulder is something else entirely. Luckily the distance between the taxi and the entrance to the Mall of the Emirates was short. Within seconds I was standing, quite dumbfounded, in the most impressive and easily the most opulent shopping mall I have ever seen. Just a short walk from here – past countless designer boutiques, and the world’s supply of perfumes and cosmetics – lies Ski Dubai. Want to read more? Click here!

Porters Ski Area, New Zealand

Getting there:

Nestled in the mountains just 89 km from Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island, Porters ski area is a great option for those with slightly less time, or for days when Mt Hutt is closed due to weather – and let’s face it, that’s pretty damn often! We first visited Porters in July 2008. The drive from Christchurch to Porters (4 hrs) was spectacular, as is most of the South Island; the vistas and mountain scapes of ‘middle earth’ were certainly something to behold! Want to read more? Click here!